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AMA Presentation: 


  • Comprehensive and full understanding of the technical paper/whitepaper

  • Includes posting on X before the AMA to raise awareness of the AMA

  • Includes recording and posting on YouTube

  • Includes pinned posts on Telegram channels

  • Includes basic giveaways to help promote the project's social media channels for awareness

  • Includes follow-up updates

  • Allows the project's team to come into the chat room to give updates at any time

  • Can be done through text format if requested

Pinned Post:


  • Strategic posting to ensure maximum exposure

  • Great for call-to-action, such as directing to a presale, a chart, or to raise awareness to a project.

  • Our mod team ensures the post continues to get awareness throughout the day in our chat room

Buy Bot:


  • The bot alerts and shows the buys live inside our Telegram room when there is a buy on a presale or on a live chart.

  • An effective way to create hype and awareness for your presale or chart.

  • We can set it for any number of days depending on your goal.

For Fast Service:

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Private Meeting:

This meeting is designed to support early-stage projects in their journey to launch, as well as launched projects. With my background as a seasoned entrepreneur, 13 years of Fortune 500 management experience, and 9 years in the blockchain space, I possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer guidance on various aspects of project development. Having conducted hundreds of AMAs through USA Crypto Group, I have reviewed numerous whitepapers and technical papers, enabling me to provide valuable insights and advice.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed many projects squander their resources and time on AMAs without being adequately prepared. This lack of readiness can manifest in various areas, such as tokenomics, Telegram setup, AMA preparation, and unsustainable business models. These projects often ultimately fail, resulting in significant financial losses and community disappointment. I aim to help projects avoid these common pitfalls and succeed in their endeavors.

  • Business consulting

  • Dissect your business model

  • Ask tough questions

  • Give advice where needed

  • Give honest feedback where needed

  • Look at your tokenomics

  • Basic contract features to ensure trust with your community

  • Look at your go-to-market strategies

  • Look at your marketing strategies

  • Look at your community building strategies

  • Connect you to the right people from our vast roster that we have worked with over the years -- KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), CEXs (Centralized Exchanges), etc.

For Fast Service:

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USA Venture Capital: 

Are you a crypto company with a solid business model seeking capital? Look no further than USA Venture Capital! We invest in companies at various stages of development, from early-stage startups to growth-stage companies, with a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency innovations. Our team is dedicated to supporting innovative businesses like yours, providing the funding and expert guidance to drive your success. Whether you're looking to scale operations, enter new markets, or bring new products to life, we're here to help. Let's partner to take your business to new heights!

  • Funding: we understand startups require the necessary capital to ensure their success.

  • Guidance: we will help and advise where needed

  • Accessibility to KOLs: we have a vast network that we can help connect to ensure you have all the necessary tools.




*For venture capital inquiry, please fill out the form below with the subject "Venture Capital" and provide info about your project.

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For partnership, marketing or any other inquiries. Please send us a message. 

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