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AMA Presentation:     

- Comprehensive and full understanding of whitepaper     

- Includes posting on X     

- Includes recording & posting on Youtube     

- Includes pinned posts on Telegrams channels     

- Includes basic giveaways to help promote the project's social media channels for awareness     

- Includes follow-up updates      

- Can be done through text format if requested 

Pinned Post     

-Strategic posting to ensure maximum exposure     

- Great for call-to-action such as directing to a presale, a chart, or to raise awaress to a project.     

- Our mod team ensures the post continues to get awareness through out the day in our chat room       

Buy Bot:     

- The bot alerts and shows the buys live inside our Telegram room when there is a buy on a presale or on a live chart     

- An effective way to create hype and awareness to your presale or chart     

- We can set it for any numbers of days depending on your goal


Private Meeting:

- Business consulting

- T

- The bot alerts and shows the buys live inside our Telegram room when there is a b

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